Dongwha Australia with Large Rapid Folding Doors

Client: Dongwha Timber Mill

Location: NSW
Products Used in this Project

Dongwha Australia is a timber mill located in Bombala, NSW. With an aim to achieve and exceed customer expectation in a wide range of lumber and decking products, Dongwha plays an important role in the development of Australia’s timber industry using outstanding technologies and expertise.

In December 2019, Dongwha Australia called on Remax Doors to deliver a solution on a large warehouse doorway opening, for dust control and noise control on their timber mill facility upgrade.

A Movidor high speed roller concertina folding door was installed on an exterior opening, to contain dust and noise from the timber mill within.

An efficient, reliable High Speed Rapid Roller Door was required to span a large warehouse doorway measuring 7100H x 8070W. Allowing for high-traffic access and egress, the high speed door needed to be fast and low-maintenance, in order to provide sufficient dust control within the facility.

Being of such large dimensions, the Movidor high speed concertina folding door was faced with a high wind-load, due to the large expanse of curtain exposure to the elements. With webbed steel trusses running laterally in a track guide within the curtain skin, the concertina door is far less susceptible to high wind pressure than a standard high speed door. The trusses assist with wind rigidity, and prevent the curtain from popping out of its tracks under a high wind load. Dongwha also opted for a stainless steel motor and controller shroud, to protect the working componentry of the Movidor Concertina Door against moisture damage.

Along with a standard push-button assembly for activation, The Movidor high speed rapid roller door was also fitted with ten Elsema remotes, designed to be kept in different vehicles throughout the facility to permit remote access. With a set of light curtains integrated in the Movidor tracks as a safety measure, the door will detect when traffic is in the opening, and prevent the curtain from closing on a vehicle or pedestrian in the opening.

Key requirements
  • Large warehouse doorway opening
  • High-traffic access and egress
  • Fast and low-maintenance
  • Provide sufficient dust control
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

Safety Onsite

With a four-piece integrated traffic light system, the doors maintain their speed and traffic flow efficiency, without compromising on safety. The LED lightstrips run Blue while the door is closed, but turn Red when the door is opening and closing. When the door is at its open state, the lights turn green. These lights are recessed into the door guides, and are visible from both sides of the opening.  A single level of clear windows in the curtain also promotes visibility for oncoming traffic.

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