Movisan Rapid Roller Door


Movisan Rapid Roller Door
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The Movisan Rapid Roller Door was designed and engineered to perform and last in caustic, corrosive environments. With the framework componentry constructed of materials resistant to harsh chemicals, corrosive substances or mould growth,  the Movisan is the door of choice in your high hygiene areas.

When to choose the Movisan Rapid Roller Door?

As aluminium is a more chemically reactive metal than iron, it is more prone to corrosion when exposed to acids and bases, and is therefore not designed for harsh, corrosive environments. With that in mind, Remax developed the Movisan Rapid Roller door using stainless steel, designed specifically to withstand those harsh, corrosive environments, or high-hygiene cleanroom applications

Features of the Movisan:

The Movisan Rapid Roller door utilizes stainless steel componentry, for the fascia cover and leg columns, instead of the standard anodised aluminium. These high speed doors are typically used in high hygiene areas and corrosive environments, where the door and its framework are subject to harsh, caustic chemicals.

Stainless steel componentry enables the Movisan Rapid Roller Door to provide a clean and durable finish for clean rooms and pharmaceutical applications. With its high gloss PVC coated polyester curtain, the Movisan fast door allows easy wash down, and resists bacteria growth and accumulation. The impressive 3-sided perimeter seal provides optimum barrier against air-transfer from one side of the door to the other.

Containing all the original self-repairing relocation features of the standard Movidor high speed door range, the Movisan Rapid Roller door allows for a high level of hygiene and longevity, without compromising on low-maintenance, and energy saving capabilities.

The Movisan also contains all of the standard safety features, utilising a ‘safety yellow’ soft bottom edge, on the foot of the curtain. This allows the high speed door curtain to flex around objects in the case of accidental impact, without bending out of shape.


  • Stainless steel framework to prevent corrosion
  • Opening speeds of 2.0m/sec
  • Doorways up to 4.0W x 4.0H
  • Self repairing curtain
  • Soft safety bottom edge
  • Used in high hygiene areas and corrosive environments
  • Framework can handle harsh, caustic chemicals*
  • Clean and durable finish for clean rooms and pharmaceutical applications
  • High gloss PVC coated polyester curtain
  • Easy wash down, and resists bacteria growth and accumulation
  • 3-sided perimeter seal provide barrier against air-transfer

*Consult with a Remax Consultant as to which environment is suitable.

Will this work for you? 

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