About us

At REMAX, we strive to gain a complete understanding of our clients’ requirements, including current or previous issues, before developing a comprehensive solution to the situation.

Remax’s range of traffic doors and barriers for energy and hygiene control have amongst the lowest operational and maintenance costs in the industry.

Can we prove it?

Yes we can: with our Movidor High Speed Doors, sooner or later someone will advertently bump into the door (those naughty forklift drivers for instance), what other doors do you know of that will recover automatically? Movidor can, with its unique self-repairing feature. Watch the video here.

Movidor’s unique crash relocation system will reliably re-insert the door back into its guides; no more costly call-outs to repair doors that have been accidently impacted by forklifts or other vehicles. These types of call-outs are almost eliminated with Movidor High Speed Doors!

Our doors and screens have been ‘crash tested’ and will provide years of trouble free operation in even the harshest environment. While we have a range of traffic doors that will suit most applications, we’re not afraid to go back to the drawing board, and design a system that is unique and bespoke to your needs. 

In fact, with almost every installation differing in size and specification, we have become leaders in the field of providing custom engineered solutions for doorway and industrial environment control. 

Our range of products:

  • High Speed Rapid Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Swingdoors
  • Insulated Doors
  • Bollards, Bumprail and Guardrails
  • PVC Stripdoors
  •  Sensors and LED Safety accessories for Rapid Doors

REMAX are recognized and trusted for providing prompt, personalized service, and are committed to honesty and integrity throughout our consultation and communication with clients.

Our commitment to service begins with your initial enquiry, and is paramount throughout all stages of design, solution, installation, and subsequent inspections of commissioned doors and screens.