Enturi Retractable Sectional Door


Enturi Retractable Sectional Door


Enturi Retractable Sectional Door
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Enturi is a retractable overhead sectional door system that allows architectural freedom and adds distinctive style to your building via a compact fold-away action.

With Enturi doors you get the best of both worlds; stylish visual appeal when closed, and uninhibited access and view when open. Quiet, reliable operation and an opening speed twice as fast as a conventional roller shutter means Enturi offers practical advantages for almost any exterior door application.

Made in Australia, Built to Last: modern manufacturing processes and equipment ensure Remax Doors are produced quickly and efficiently to the highest possible standards.

However, it is the attention to detail that is manifest on the finished product. With a production team inspired by the vision to be Australia’s most trusted brand of doorway and access solutions, Remax Doors embody a passion and care for quality and reliability.

Section Overview

  • Door panels fold into a cassette above door opening
  • Invisible hinges
  • High cycle double-bearing rollers
  • Insulated composite panel, 40mm thick with aluminium stucco finish
  • Choice of glass or insulated panel
  • Self-locking when closed
  • Anti-lift locks


Enturi is self-locking when closed, ensuring that whatever you choose to store behind these doors is safe and secure.


Enturi has a unique fold-up action, making it a fully retractable solution where space constraints exist. Instead of cluttering your ceiling with overhead rails typically used for conventional sectional doors, Enturi folds neatly into a cassette above the doorway.


  • Guaranteed quality and parts
  • 1 year, 100,000 cycles warranty extended to 3 years with preventative maintenance contract
  • Parts availability guaranteed Australia-Wide
  • Australian Made: reliable and on-time delivery

Why Choose Enturi? Where traditional cantilever or bi-fold doors and sectional overhead doors require space in front and behind the opening, Enturi does not.
Enturi simply folds away behind the bulkhead above your doorway and is completely concealed from street view when open.