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Enturi Retractable Sectional Door
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Sectional Doors for Industrial and Commercial Solutions

Remax sectional doors provide an insulated, space-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing premier alternative to traditional roller doors or conventional sectional doors, making them the ideal choice for commercial and industrial facilities seeking efficiency and functionality.

The Enturi Compact Sectional Retractable doors forgo the need for traditional overhead support rails. Instead, they feature a unique retractable mechanism that folds the door panels neatly into a compact space above the entrance when the door opens, preserving the aesthetic flow and maximising space utilisation in any section of your facility. The sectional commercial door’s ability to retract neatly above the opening ensures a clean, unobtrusive appearance and sharp lines that cater to sophisticated design sensibilities.

Made in Australia, Built to Last

Modern manufacturing processes and equipment ensure all Remax Doors are produced quickly and efficiently to the highest possible Australian standards.

However, it is the attention to detail that is manifest in the finished product. With a production team inspired by the vision to be Australia’s most trusted brand of doorway and access solutions, Remax Doors embody a passion and care for quality and reliability.

A Premier Space-Saving and Energy-Efficient Sectional Door

Specifically engineered to offer trouble-free operation and reliability, our commercial sectional doors can be custom-fitted for openings up to 6 meters wide, catering to a wide range of commercial applications. From the gleaming floors of automotive showrooms to the complex layouts of expansive business parks, these doors not only provide a compact solution but also epitomise the pinnacle of modern design coupled with enduring reliability.

If your industrial site requires the strength of a heavy-duty and secure bottom rail and a guarantee of reliable operation, our commercial sectional doors stand as an unparalleled choice. Their durable design, which can include a fully glazed finish for an added touch of aesthetics, makes them a smart investment for businesses looking for a combination of style, efficiency, and longevity.

Download your free comprehensive commercial Enturi Sectional Doors brochure now and explore the possibilities for your space.

Installation Excellence: High Relevance for Commercial Sectional Door Requirements

Meeting the most stringent safety and quality criteria, these compact sectional doors are a sound investment for any industrial operation. With a dedication to surpassing conventional sectional door offerings, each door is meticulously crafted to suit the exact dimensions of your opening, ensuring a precise and secure fit. Our range includes everything from the practicality of heavy-duty sectional doors to the finesse of models featuring a premium glazed finish or insulated panel options in a range of different colours, all made with the robustness of high-grade materials to withstand the rigours of commercial use.

Our skilled engineers will work closely with builders, architects, and end users to ensure that our full range of commercial sectional door options is considered to meet your precise operational needs. The design process is comprehensive, from assessing the structural requirements of your opening to selecting the perfect panel finish to encapsulate functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Swift in operation, our sectional doors are engineered to open at a rate of 0.18 meters per second, with the option to upgrade to a high-speed motor that increases this rate to 0.3 meters per second, aligning with the most demanding industrial applications. Programmable stay-open times allow for greater control and efficiency in managing facility traffic. Moreover, each door can be enhanced with safety features like light curtains, which prevent the door from closing if an obstruction is detected, thereby prioritising the safety of personnel and equipment in high-traffic areas. With the integration of these advanced features, our sectional doors not only penetrate the market of conventional industrial sectional doors but also set a new benchmark for safety and efficiency in industrial environments.

Insulated Compact Doors for Cold Storage

The Insulated Compact Sectional Doors range are made for cold storage and temperature-controlled environments. They require minimal maintenance or repair and operate very quietly.

Download the brochure to discover more about our Insulated Compact Sectional Doors.

Activation Solutions for Sectional Doors: Beyond Basics

At the heart of our innovation lies the versatility of activation methods our compact sectional doors offer, positioning them at the forefront of operational efficiency and user convenience. From handheld remotes that provide on-the-go accessibility to advanced vehicle detection loops that allow for seamless automatic operation, these doors are engineered to meet the varied demands of any industrial or commercial environment. Whether your operation benefits from the simple efficiency of manual ‘hold to run’ controls or the advanced technology of motion sensors, we have an activation solution to match.

Partner with Remax to determine the optimal door operator that complements your sectional door, ensuring a wide range of trouble-free access solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an industrial door that embodies reliability, from the heavy-duty bottom rail that stands up to constant use to the sharp lines that define its contemporary aesthetics. Each door operator is a testament to our commitment to unparalleled quality, offering a huge range of options designed for continuous, reliable operation.

Download your free Enturi retractable sectional doors brochure here and discover the full range of features that make our doors the epitome of industrial functionality and style.

Ensuring Security and Integrity with Industrial Sectional Door Seals

Our sectional doors are not only engineered to facilitate efficient space utilisation but also to fortify the premises against the elements and unauthorised access. They excel in maintaining an airtight environment, which is crucial for energy conservation and climate control in commercial and industrial settings. Minimising air permeability is a key feature, with comprehensive sealing achieved through a heavy-duty weather seal at the base and resilient rubber seals along the vertical and horizontal edges, as well as between each panel. This attention to detail ensures every new sectional door installation contributes to a stable interior environment, free from drafts and external weather conditions.

An advanced ‘anti-lift’ system bolsters the secure design of our sectional doors. In an era where security is paramount, these doors serve a dual purpose: efficient sectional doors by day and vigilant guardians of your commercial space by night. They remain steadfastly locked in position against intrusion attempts, employing an automatic latching mechanism that engages should an upward force be detected. This innovative feature safeguards not just the contents within but also provides peace of mind that your facility is secure after hours.

This reliability extends to the door’s operation as well. The sectional doors are designed to lay parallel to the ceiling when open, maximising space and maintaining clear lines of sight. This design not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the commercial space but also ensures that the doors integrate seamlessly into the building’s architecture without the need for heavy modifications or intrusive fixtures.

The Innovation Behind Compact Sectional Door Durability

The innovation behind our compact design extends to the retractable folding system, meticulously designed to eliminate the need for traditional springs and overhead rails. This forward-thinking design not only enhances the door’s sleek appearance but also reduces the potential for wear and tear, ensuring a long lifecycle of trouble-free operation. With a focus on delivering heavy-duty performance, the absence of balancing springs means fewer moving parts, less maintenance, and a more reliable operation over time.

Additionally, the unique construction of our doors, featuring robust materials like Bluescope aluminium and options for a contemporary finish, contributes to the door’s robustness and aesthetic versatility. Whether your priority is a sectional garage door that stands up to heavy industrial use or one that contributes to the visual appeal of your facility, we provide a full range of options to suit every commercial need.

Key Features of the Enturi Retractable Door

  • Door panels fold into a cassette above door opening
  • Invisible hinges
  • High cycle double-bearing rollers
  • Insulated composite panel, 40mm thick with aluminium stucco finish
  • Choice of glass or insulated panel
  • Self-locking when closed
  • Anti-lift locks

Remax Doors: Our Commitment to Excellence

Remax’s commitment to excellence is further underscored by our extensive national service network, providing unparalleled support to ensure your industrial-grade sectional door continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Our experienced technicians are equipped to address all aspects of your sectional door needs, from regular standard maintenance to more complex repairs, guaranteeing that your investment is protected and that your operations remain uninterrupted.

With our perfect sectional door solutions, we are not just offering a product but promising a partnership in quality, efficiency and reliability. The combination of our heavy-duty bottom rail design, the security of our weather seal, and the commitment to reliable operation ensures that our sectional doors are a wise investment for any discerning industrial entity.

If you have any questions, contact our friendly team today or request a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sectional Garage Doors

What industries benefit the most from installing sectional garage doors?

A: Industries that require robust, space-efficient, and energy-saving solutions, such as automotive showrooms, industrial units, school multipurpose halls, logistics centres, large-scale business parks, and high-end car garages, benefit greatly from sectional garage doors. These doors are designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial and commercial facilities, offering durability, security, and a sleek design.

Can commercial sectional doors be customised to match the aesthetic of my facility?

A: Absolutely. Enturi retractable sectional doors come with a variety of customisation options, including different colours and panel combinations, and materials, such as a composite panel for a sharp, professional look. Our team can help design a door that complements the visual appeal of your facility without compromising on functionality.

How do Enturi sectional doors contribute to energy efficiency?

A: Enturi retractable sectional doors are constructed to provide excellent insulation and an airtight seal, which minimises energy loss. The doors’ efficient thermal barrier reduces the need for heating and cooling, ultimately saving energy costs and contributing to a more sustainable operation.

What safety features are included in commercial sectional doors?

A: Our Enturi retractable doors are equipped with several safety features, such as optional light curtains that stops the door from closing when an obstruction is detected, ‘anti-lift’ locking mechanisms for enhanced security, and cable sensors to prevent the door falling in the event of cable damage.

How does the unique folding system of Enturi retractable sectional doors work?

A: Unlike traditional doors that require overhead rails and balancing springs, our sectional doors use a unique retractable mechanism that folds the door compactly above the entrance. Our invisible hinge system provides the same clean aesthetic appearance on both sides of the door panel without ugly surface mounted hinges.

What maintenance is required for sectional garage doors?

A: Traditionally, sectional garage doors require regular maintenance to the springs and balancing system. However, Enturi retractable sectional doors are engineered for minimal maintenance, thanks to their heavy-duty construction and the absence of balancing springs. Periodic checks and routine servicing by our national network of technicians will ensure that the doors continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

How long does it take to install a new Enturi sectional door?

A: Installation time can vary depending on the size and complexity of the door system. Our skilled installation crew operates swiftly to minimise interference with your operations, typically completing door installations within one day.

Are there any additional features that can be added to a commercial sectional door?

A: Yes, there are many additional features that can enhance the functionality of your sectional door, including high-speed motors for faster opening and closing, programmable controllers for tailored access, and various activation options like motion sensors and remote controls to suit your specific operational requirements.


  • Guaranteed quality and parts
  • 1 year, 100,000 cycles warranty extended to 3 years with preventative maintenance contract
  • Parts availability guaranteed Australia-Wide
  • Australian Made: reliable and on-time delivery

Why Choose Enturi? Where traditional cantilever or bi-fold doors and sectional overhead doors require space in front and behind the opening, Enturi does not.
Enturi simply folds away behind the bulkhead above your doorway and is completely concealed from street view when open.