Stainless Steel Swingdoor and Sliding Doors


Stainless Steel Swingdoor and Sliding Doors
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Remax stainless steel swing door and sliding doors offer magnificent craftsmanship and unparalleled hygiene and infectious control. AISI 305 smooth or brushed stainless steel. Specially designed for medical environment that eliminates hard-to-clean areas. Our medical doors are recommended for use in pharmaceutical and medical industries.

A new product to the Remax range is the stainless steel sliding and swing doors which offer fully closed construction, aluminium sliding and swing system with various options. Doors acoustically and thermally isolated with highly pressured polyurethane foam (50 kg / 1qm) additionally strengthening construction of the door wing.

Medical doors are used in all rooms where it is necessary to maintain the highest cleanliness. They are perfect as a door to operating theatres and clean room doors. These products have a sealed, closed structure that minimize the areas where bacteria can accumulate. They are produced from the highest quality materials and advanced technology.

Each door has its own unique serial number, and each project is considered individually. This is a guarantee for a perfect fit of the product to the technical conditions on the site and user preferences.

The use of door automation further increases the functionality of both hinged and sliding doors.

Automatic sliding doors are used in rooms where non-contact door opening is required (operating rooms for example).


  • Door frames and handle Options
  • Window Optionss (round or rectangular)
  • Automatic Operators Available
  • Electrolock Options
  • Sliding Doors: 37mm door wing with fully closed construction Aluminium sliding system
  • Swingdoors: 42mm door wing with fully closed construction and stainless steel hinges and bottom gasket

Hospitals and Healthcare facilities have special requirements when creating a safe, secure and comfortable environments for patients, physicians, staff and visitors. Remax Doors offer a suite of door options to ensure that staff and patients are considered as well as minimizing maintenance and repair costs for the facility.