Compact Sectional Door


Compact Sectional Door
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Enturi Retractable Sectional Door – A new Australian made version of the Compact Sectional Door. Click on this banner to find out more.

The Compact Sectional Door sets new benchmarks for flexibility, space efficiency and architectural aesthetics, across a wide range of applications. From Car Showrooms and Large-scale Business Parks to Luxury Car Garages, the Compact Sectional Door is a house favourite across all industries.

When design flexibility, clean lines and quiet operation is a priority in your site, the Compact Door ticks all the boxes.

Compact by definition! Clever by design. Space saving and Energy saving operation.

The Compact Sectional door is the premium alternative to roller shutters, or conventional sectional doors where a compact design is vital for the aesthetics and design of the facility. The Compact Sectional Door is a sectional door that requires no intrusive overhead support rails to be attached to the roof structure, instead utilising a unique concertina folding action to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway.

The door leaves can then be recessed into the ceiling for a clean flow from one area to the next. The Compact Sectional Door has been also successfully been recessed above acoustic panels and ceiling tiles so that the door bulkhead is totally out of sight – our installation team are experienced at working with builders and architects to install compact sectional doors during construction to allow for ceiling tiles and other recessed units to be fully completed post door installation.

A Compact Sectional Door asks for a very clean and small footprint on the overall design of your facility, and works together with the architecture and aesthetics of the building without compromising on internal operating space; therefore not impacting on your building design.

Bespoke Options

The frame around the door panels can be powdercoated to a colour of your choice. A common colour is black – where the door frame sections line up with the horizontal lines of glass sections on the building.

Compact Sectional Doors are made bespoke to your environment and entry, in both panel requirements (whether you require panels that are; thermal, PVC, double-glazed acrylate/ polycarbonate/ reinforced safety glass, mesh) as well as the opening size, from your average garage door opening size to a large warehouse requiring access for heavy machinery and vehicles such as aeroplanes, cranes and Fire Engines.

Compact doors comply with the highest standards and safety regulations and the door is safe and easy to use. With no counter-balancing springs, the Compact Aluminium Sectional Door operates quietly, with minimal level of maintenance in contrast to conventional overhead doors and roller shutters.

Compact Sectional Doors have been successfully implemented in various environments including luxury apartments, private residential homes, private car showrooms, commercial car showrooms, factories and warehouses, cold storage, wash bays, processing lines, emergency department including Ambulance and Fire Department, arenas and pavilions, loading docks, marina’s, large agricultural buildings and depot.



  • Lightweight aluminium door panels as well as glass options
  • Patented folding mechanism,
  • Compact sectional doors use minimal energy to operate
  • Unique folding mechanism provides an exceptionally long operating life
  • No more bulky, unsightly and cumbersome overhead railing systems
  • Bespoke options to match your residential or commercial design aesthetics

Client Comments:

Chief Engineer at Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packaging in Victoria: “…Remax they met all of my criteria for the installation;
1. Good quality components needed for the robust installation.
2. Clean lines of the finished product.
3. Thermal insulation maintained for the installation.
4. Proven product support from a company with a long standing history with Geoffrey Thompsons.
5. Operational speeds.”