Sliding Series Hospital Theatre Doors


Sliding Series Hospital Theatre Doors
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Many of Australia’s Hospitals, Theatres, Operating Suites and Medical facilities have proven the benefits of Remax doorway and barrier solutions.

Whether it is to maintain critical positive air pressure in an operating theatre, or to meet the scrutiny of an external health and safety audit, Remax doors shine in the many applications presented by Australia’s healthcare sector.

Engineered to last! The REMAX range of Traffic doors have been designed and engineered for use in harsh and heavy duty applications, where standard door systems fail.

The unique ‘clean design’, aluminium and stainless steel hardware, and non-painted finishes make the doors ideally suited to many Healthcare Facility environments such as Hospitals, Theatre Suites, Medical Facility, Private Consultation Rooms, Dentists, Operating Theatres, Pharmaceutical Plants, Laboratories, Laundries, and Kitchens etc.

When it needs to be easy to clean, use and maintain; most hospitals and health facilities will choose Remax Hospital Sliding Theatre Doors.

Consider all the advantages of Remax Sliding Door Series:

  • Full surround rubber doors seals, forms an impregnable barrier when doors are closed, maintaining positive pressure required by operating theatres.
  • Almost 50% lighter than a standard wooden swing door, making it easier for busy staff and sick patients to move from one area to another.
  • Unlike wooden doors, Remax 4500 Series will not splinter, will not absorb moisture (and therefore mould/bacteria), will not deteriorate over time and never requires painting. Ensuring easier sterilization and aseptic operating conditions from doorways which are, ironically, one of the busiest and most heavily handled furnishings in a healthcare facility.
  • Thermal Value Comparable with 100mm Polystyrene Panel.
  • Range of standard colors that will not fade, and maintain attractive appearance in all environments.
  • Save space with sliding doors – they do not require the additional opening space nor do they need to keep an area free around around the door for opening space as they can be mounted flat against a wall.
  • Double glazed window included in door panel as standard.
  • Option to incorporate honeycomb blinds and signage into double glazed windows.
  • Self supporting mounting system does not rely on structural integrity of doorway/walls.
  • Large spring impact buffers and kickplates can be fitted to lower section for effective absorption of hard-hitting traffic and scuffing.


  • Automated Sliding Doors for the Healthcare sector.
  • Thermal Value Comparable with 100mm Polystyrene Panel.
  • Double glazed window included in door panel as standard.
  • Option to incorporate signage into double glazed windows.

Project Coordinator of Engineering at Northern Hospital stated that: The previous Hospital Theatre Doors were wooden and not up to the current infectious control standards which resulted in increased cleaning costs and slowing down operations. Since installing Remax Doors, the Project Coordinator stated that they are far more sterile as the automatic doors allow people to enter without touching them, he also explained that the use of harsh cleaning chemicals in the theatres is damaging because flooding the rooms with these chemicals means that germs which need to be killed become resistant to these chemicals. Remax Doors have a one piece Polystyrene skin meaning that they can be cleaned with just soap and warm water so the theatres aren’t being subjected to any harsh chemicals.


The team at Remax recently embarked on a large refurbishment project for Northern Health Hospital which included two additional operating theatres, expansion of the general sterile services, new patient reception, expansion of an on-site pharmacy, expansion of the radiology services, new nurses station and an entry and exit redevelopment. Read More.