4500 Series Thermal Traffic Doors


4500 Series Thermal Traffic Doors
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Imagine a traffic swing door that swings quietly, safely and easily, regardless of the environment, and regardless of sustained impacts. Imagine if the door could function tirelessly for millions of cycles, with minimal maintenance. The 4500 series & 5000 series thermal traffic swing doors do just that, and much more.

The 4500 series Thermal Traffic Door features a lightly textured one-piece polymer door panel that has been high density filled with non-CFC urethene foam for maximum durability and insulation quality.

The swingdoor panel has no gaps or joins, and is impervious to moisture and acid/petroleum products making it an ideal product for use in food manufacturing and retail as well as kitchens and cafe environments where food safety and hygiene is vital.

With colour evenly impregnated through the 4mm thick polymer skin, the 4500 series supermarket swingdoor will never require painting, and retains its clean attractive appearance for the life of the door.

Full surround seals prevent dust, insect and contaminant intrusion. All swing doors come standard with double glazed polycarbonate windows, recessed for protection and providing exceptional visibility for pedestrians.


  • Thermal Value Comparable with 100mm Polystyrene Panel.
  • Range of standard colors that will not fade, and maintain attractive appearance in all environments.
  • Double glazed window included in door panel as standard.
  • Full surround rubber doors seals, forms an impregnable barrier when doors are closed.
  • Self supporting mounting system does not rely on structural integrity of doorway / walls.
  • Large spring impact buffers can be fitted to lower section for effective absorption of hard-hitting traffic.
  • Option to incorporate signage into double glazed windows.

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