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Smart solutions for saving space and energy

Compact sectional doors are flexible, use space efficiently, and can be extremely aesthetic.

A premium alternative to roller shutters (or conventional sectional doors), the compact sectional door requires no intrusive overhead support rails to be attached to the roof structure. Instead, they use a unique concertina folding action to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway. The door leaves can then be recessed into the ceiling for a clean flow from one area to the next.

This smart design means a compact sectional door needs only a clean and small footprint in the overall design of just about any facility. They offer proven reliability, meaning compact sectional doors will operate for years with minimal maintenance in just about any building.

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Compact sectional doors can be installed in almost any opening up to 7 metres wide. They can be used across all industries, from car showrooms and large-scale business parks to luxury car garages.

When design flexibility, clean lines and quiet operation are a must for your site, the compact door ticks all the boxes.

Enturi Sectional Door

What are the specific structural requirements for sectional door installation?

Compact sectional doors comply with the highest standards and safety regulations, and are safe and easy to use. With no counter-balancing springs, the compact sectional door operates quietly, with minimal level of maintenance in contrast to conventional overhead doors and roller shutters.

Because each sectional door is custom made for each opening, there are a range of options for frame configurations. Sectional doors can be fixed to a variety of wall construction materials. Remax engineers will assess the necessary infrastructure in the design stage and liaise with you – whether you are a builder, architect  or end user – to ensure the best outcome.

The standard opening and closing speed for sectional doors is 0.2 metres per second. However, by upgrading to a high speed motor and control system this speed can be increased to 0.6 metres per second. The amount of time they stay open is completely programmable, offering you a wide range of options.

Sectional doors are a safe option, and will not close on employees or customers thanks to their in-built light curtains that prevent the door from closing while the opening is obstructed.

They can also feature sound or acoustic properties, depending on the panel used in the door. This should be considered during the design process to determine the best solution for your needs.

What activation options do sectional doors feature?

Compact sectional doors can include a range of activation solutions, including hand held remotes, floor loops that allow vehicles to automatically trigger the door, manual ‘hold to run’ activation, motion sensors and more. The Remax team will be happy to discuss your objectives to select the best activation option for your facility.

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Commercial sectional door for architectural and bespoke access

Can sectional doors be sealed and locked?

Sectional doors are airtight with minimal air permeability. They feature a full perimeter seal including a bulb seal at the bottom, and rubber seals on each of the other three sides and between each panel.

Classified as a security door, sectional doors are inherently secure thanks to their “anti-lift” feature. The door blade will be automatically held in position by the bottom brackets which will latch in the side rail holes if a break-in to raise the door is attempted. This feature also provides further safety in the unlikely event of a broken door cable.

Unique folding system for minimal maintenance

The compact sectional door has a unique and patented rail system that doesn’t require the use of balancing springs. This robust design guarantees a long life cycle with minimum maintenance required.

Remax’s extensive national service and installation network of expert technicians will keep your sectional door operating at its peak condition.

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