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The Movidor range of High Speed Rapid Doors are suited to constant, high-repetition cycles for interior and exterior doorways.

Movidor Rapid Roller Doors by Remax are the result of meticulous attention to detail, care and pride during all stages of the manufacturing process.

The Movidor High Speed Rapid Roller Door has been designed for a large range of access from pedestrian internal doors to large external doorways, with significant wind load. Powerful, German engineered motor and controllers provide fast and reliable operation, with pin-point positioning accuracy, thanks to absolute encoder and digital limits.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Movidor Rapid Roller doors are created to suit the individual application. In a world where choice is often limited by practicality and technical restraint, Movidor Rapid Roller Doors offer a refreshingly different spectrum of possibility, with ‘out of the box’ solutions. The final specification, (whether that be colour, size, integration to building design, specific functionality) – is your choice, not ours! Warehouse facility and maintenance managers agree that when they think of Rapid Doors, they think Remax.

The ultimate manifestation of Movidor quality and robust design can be seen years after installation. The same reliable and efficient opening and closing will be in operation thousands of cycles later; almost irrespective of the environment they’re installed in.

Our Promise To You

Australian made – no costly delays waiting for overseas parts and components; Australian made to Australian conditions – we know what to look for to ensure that you have the right product for your environment and we assess your needs and ongoing goals for the site, taking into account what you need to ensure that your site is efficient and H&S Compliant.

Low Maintenance – Costly call-outs to repair doors that have been accidentally impacted by forklifts or other vehicles, will become a thing of the past with Movidor Rapid Roller Doors! Labelled as the ‘self-repairing door’, this rapid roller door is designed for impact, and reduced maintenance costs. Industry leading reliability is achieved through simplicity of design, and less moving parts. No springs, cables or tensioning belts ensure exceptionally low maintenance, whilst soft starting and stopping via variable speed control prevents premature fatigue of hard-mounted components.

Safety – We have designed the Movidor range with safety in mind. Additional features are available as optional accessories such the Integrated Traffic Lights, which are LED lights built into the door frame which show if a doorway is safe to open/enter and is particularly useful in low-light environments. When a range of traffic are in and out of doorways, such as pedestrians / forklifts and other delivery vehicles, safety is absolutely paramount to avoid collisions and our Movidor Range is here to help maintain efficiency with maximum safety.

Model Types

Movidor HS35 model is suited to constant, high-repetition cycles for interior and exterior doorways up to 4.0mH x 4.0mW. With integrated, laterally tensioned curtain windbars, and 3-sided low friction track liners, the Movidor HS35 will operate smoothly in all conditions including high wind, dust, low temperature or wet environments.

Movidor HS50 model is one step up from the HS35 for doorways up to 6.0mH x 6.0mW.

Movidor HS65 model has integrated, laterally tensioned curtain windbars and ultra low friction 3-sided track liners, the Movidor HS65 will operate smoothly in all conditions including high wind, dust and low temperature or wet environments; for doorways up to 7.0mH x 6.0mW.

Movisan Hygiene Door utilizes stainless steel componentry, for the fascia cover and leg columns, instead of the standard anodised aluminium. Typically used in high hygiene areas and corrosive environments, where the door and its framework are subject to harsh, caustic chemicals. Click here to find out more about Movisan Hygiene Door and what makes it unique for high hygiene areas.

ES40 Economical Option has less frequent openings in an interior, ambient application, the ES40 Rapid Roller Door for economical, efficient doorway zoning for doorways up to 4.0mW x 4.0mH. A High Speed Door without some of the added standard elements of our Movidor Rapid Door. Click here to find out more about ES40 Rapid Roller Door.


  • Doorways up to 6000mmW x 7000mmH*.
  • Heavy duty guides.
  • Integrated relocation system.
  • Multiple integrated curtain rigidity battens.
  • Yellow ‘soft-edge’ on curtain.
  • HS35 Opening Speed up to 2.0m/sec.
  • HS65 Opening speed up to 1.0m/sec.
  • HS50 Opening speed up to 1.5m/sec
  • ES40 is an economical option

*Sizes exceeding 6000 x 6000 may be subject to application conditions for this model. Consult our team for further information.

Client Comments:

“Just a bit of follow-up with recent installation of rapid door now it has been operating for several weeks. The door is functioning well and our operators like the traffic light feature on the door. The likelihood of damage is reduced with the radar system.” – Facility Manager at Uncle Toby’s


Does your site have large doorways? High Wind?

Two additional Movidor designs offer an extremely versatile and robust design allowing Remax High Speed Folding and Concertina Doors to be configured for extra large doorways. Exceptionally low maintenance and simple design means these doors can provide continuous operation, with minimal on-going maintenance.

Movifold Rapid Folding Doors: High Speed Folding Doors are extremely versatile, they can be seamlessly adapted into large dimension openings of up to 8 meters wide, and prove beneficial in many applications. The fold-up design that incorporates strong steel wind bars embedded within the curtain, Remax Movifold Rapid Folding Doors offer speed, strength and safety, in all conditions. Click here to Read More.

Concertina Rapid Folding Door: The largest door in the Remax Movidor Rapid Door range, the Remax Concertina door is a unique twin-skin high speed fabric door with unique features and capabilities to overcome the challenges of ultra-wide door openings. Click here to Read More.