Tomato Glasshouse Access

Client: Perfection Fresh

Location: SA

Industry: Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Products Used in this Project

Perfection Glasshouse is the company behind  some of Australia’s favourite, freshest flavours. Starting out as a family-owned business in 1978, they now employ over 500 staff and boast the largest tomato glasshouse in Australia. From their products and people to their sourcing and service, they ensure everything comes down to quality, honesty and trust.

All glasshouses are temperature-controlled environments. Different produce thrives at different temperatures, and it is often difficult to regulate and maintain a set temperature in a building specific to a certain vegetable, as well as enabling functionality and retaining practicality of the building itself.

Perfection Glasshouse required multiple openings throughout their facility to have an application that could open repetitively without compromising the temperature in the building. Fast and easy access was paramount; forklifts, pedestrians and picking equipment needed constant access to all parts of the glasshouses.

As the name suggests, our Movidor Rapid Roller Doors were the obvious application. With the capacity to open and close at speeds as fast as 2.5 meters per second, these doors permitted traffic in and out of glasshouse sections whilst maintaining an even temperature. With floor-loop activation, the doors are able to detect traffic from a distance, open, and close quickly behind the vehicle, without interfering or slowing traffic through the opening.

Key requirements
  • Temperature-controlled environments
  • Practicality
  • Efficient access for a range of personnel
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

With over fourteen of these Rapid Roller Doors installed throughout their site, the Perfection Glasshouse team continues to reap the benefits of fast and seamless access whilst maintaining a controlled temperature.

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