Sandy Hill Apartments

Client: Buxton Construction

Location: VIC

Industry: Apartment Block - Car Park Entry

Products Used in this Project

Sandy Hill Apartment project was completed by Buxton Builders who were looking for a door measuring 6400 x 2300 mm (Width x Height) for access to the underground car park area with a combination of full vision panels to allow natural light into the car park and insulated block out panels for security for cars and customers already parked in the parking area. The door leaf itself is composed of insulated aluminum segments with a working height of 610mm and 40mm thickness. The doors are custom-made into any desired dimension. The integrated hinges are standard in stainless steel quality finished with a powder coating and rubber seals between the panels and surrounding the door leaf to ensure a good seal against drafts.

The residential and commercial apartments and basement or underground car park access often requires bespoke requirements both for round the clock access, security and low maintenance and so when it comes to sectional doors – a Compact Sectional Door can provide the access that’s needed as our sectional doors can be seamlessly integrated into a modern apartment and car park design without impacting on overhead space, as well as providing a secure and reliable solution. Compact Sectional Doors can be recessed neatly into the ceiling of a car park, garage, showroom or any large doorway whether it requires thermal sectional door or a double glazed glass sectional door. The unique and compact design provides a range of benefits:

  • Allow for overhead lighting directly above the opening for safety
  • Aesthetically completes the design of the building
  • Door design options are available: glass / thermal panels or a mixture
  • Thermal ratings
  • Design flexibility
  • Clean lines
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight aluminium door panels
  • Stainless steel hinging
  • Low maintenance patented folding mechanism
  • Minimal energy to operate, and provide an exceptionally long operating life
  • No more bulky, unsightly and cumbersome overhead railing systems
  • Secure
  • Sensors and access options

A major feature of the Compact Sectional door would have to be the fact that it provides a clean and neat finish on the internal side of the building and can be recessed into the ceiling itself. Remax Doors are happy to assist both Architects and Builders with their requirements and to provide specification documents and specifications as needed.

No more unsightly overhead railings.

Key requirements
  • Design Flexibility
  • Clean Lines
  • Quiet Operation
  • Security
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reliable for round the clock access
  • Access Options
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

As part of our suite of Door and Barrier products, Compact Sectional Doors provide architects and builders the flexibility which luxury design demands, with clean, modern and simple design components.

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