Romeos Foodland Supermarket

Client: Romeos Foodland

Location: SA

Industry: Retail and Supermarkets

Products Used in this Project

The Romeo Family first started in the supermarket industry in 1987 with one small convenience store and they have progressively built a business that now stands as an outstanding independent retailing success story.

Romeos Foodland required an access door for access from within the supermarket to back of house measuring 2453 mm H x 1950 mm W for quick and efficient access for staff and trolley equipment. Ensuring easy access for trolley’s while having a barrier against unwanted pests and dust and security for supermarket stock.

The EX35 & EX45 Pedestrian Rapid Roller Doors are a good fit for doorways which do not need vehicle or forklift access but are larger than a standard doorway for access to trolleys where stock needs to be moved from one area to another.

Key requirements
  • Barrier for pests and dust
  • Access for trolleys to move stock
  • Security for stock
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

Fast, safe and clean, the EX35 Rapid Roller Doors are extremely versatile, they can be seamlessly adapted into busy pedestrian doors where hygiene and safety are key requirements.

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