Pimpama State School

Client: State School

Location: QLD

Industry: Education & Training

Products Used in this Project

Pimpama State School, on the Gold Coast of QLD, has a reputation for providing a superior learning experience for their students. Known for it’s family orientation, this institution prides itself on a strong community, curricular prominence, and individual teaching methods.

So naturally, when a new project for a Multi-Purpose Hall evolved, emphasis was placed on exceptional architecture, practical functionality, and clean, safe operation. The completed project is a fantastic testimony to the professionalism and innovation of QLD based construction company, Condev, and Opus Architects. Our Compact Sectional Doors were the natural compliment of such a high profile project, providing easy access to this hall, smart operation, and an overall impressive aesthetic.

In the design of this amazing Multi-Purpose Hall, the architects had a few specific goals they wished to attain in the application of multiple openings on the outside perimeter.

Visibility and energy efficiency was paramount. Double glazed high clarity acrylic panels allowed loads of natural lighting without compromising the energy rating of the building envelope. With ease of access also a concern, a key-switch operation and a raft of integrated safety systems established a secure, lockable perimeter. However, the doors required an option to remain open so the simultaneous use of both inside and outside facilities could be obtained, thus yielding a sunny blend of indoor/outdoor atmosphere.

The Compact Door is what it implies; smart, compact, and doesn’t take up much space. This was ideally suited to this facility, as the architecture called for an application that didn’t impose on the functionality of the multi-purpose space, or impact on overheard lighting arrangements.

Last but not least, these doors needed to be attractive. The transparent acrylic of this design provided a light, open ambiance, and permitted visibility for supervision outside, producing a unique look that blended seamlessly with the glass and architectural louvre facade of the building.

Key requirements
  • Easy access to the Multi-Purpose hall
  • Smart operation
  • Overall impressive aesthetic
  • Energy efficiency
  • Visibility: allow natural light
  • Integrated safety systems
  • Lockable and safe
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

Huge commendation to Condev and the team, and Opus Architects for pulling together such a magnificent building!

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