High Quality and High Production at Mandole

Client: Mandole Orchards

Location: NSW

Industry: Food and Beverage

Mandolé Orchard is one of the largest family owned and operated almond orchards in Australia today. Passionate and committed to growing and producing high-quality Australian almonds and almond milk products with the simplest ingredients, every glass of  almond milk contains no more than four ingredients and over 5g of naturally occurring protein, more than any other almond milk product on the market. With a commitment and care for the environment, the Mandole operation also ensures the way they farm and manufacture has a positive impact on the planet, for future generations to come.

In some recent upgrades to their operation, Remax were selected to deliver 6 Movidor High Speed Doors in their new facility.

A total of six Movidor high speed doors were installed in the new facility at Mandole Orchards, throughout their coolrooms and warehouses.

With high levels of forklift traffic moving in and out of different areas in the facility, high speed doors were an ideal solution here, to allow for constant traffic, without compromising the overall temperature. Fitted with a standard push-button assembly for activation, as well as a pair of integrated Falcon radar assemblies, the doors detect forklifts, open to allow the traffic through, and close quickly behind them, minimising the airflow between the openings, and facilitating the least amount of impact possible on the overall building temperature. Falcon radars are configured around movement, and are designed to detect motion within a set perimeter of up to 8 meters of the door opening, depending on how the customer specifies commissioning. This then sends a signal to the controller unit operating the Movidor, which sends the curtain up, and back down when the opening is clear of any movement.

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Key requirements
  • Efficient Traffic Flow
  • Temperature Control and Energy Savings
  • Minimize Airflow Between Zones
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

A concern and commitment for staff safety at Mandole meant additional safety accessories were of great interest. With a four-piece integrated traffic light system, the doors are able to maintain their speed and traffic flow efficiency, without compromising on safety. The LED lightstrips run Blue while the door is closed, but turn Red when the door is opening and closing. When the door is at its open state, the lights turn green. These lights are recessed into the door guides, and are visible from both sides of the opening.  A single level of clear windows in the curtain also promotes visibility for oncoming traffic.

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