Luxury Glass Folding Door for a Outdoor Living Space

Client: Private Residence

Location: NSW & VIC

Industry: Residential, Luxury Homes, Apartments

Products Used in this Project

Check out this amazing outdoor area where the outdoors and indoor blend through the spectacular Enturi fold away glass door! This luxury home owner required a retro-fit solution to their outdoor living area, to stop the wind and rain and sun-glare from the west. The Remax solution was an Enturi tinted glass fold-away sectional door that has been recessed into the ceiling for maximum view when the door is open.

The door frame is powder coated black and the glass is a 4mm thick safety glass, with embedded Solar glare tinting, to not only provide a weather resistant barrier but enable excellent thermal protection from solar glare in the afternoon sun. And when the weather is perfect for those evenings where you don’t want anything between you and the sunset, the door simply folds away silently into the roof cavity!

When installed into Outdoor Living and Alfresco area’s – Enturi fold away sectional doors enable a stunning blend of architectural beauty -with unrestricted visibility to the great outdoors!

This glass Enturi Sectional Door measures 3080mmH x 4800mmW

The key requirements for the owner of the property were:

  • To have a luxury feel and bespoke design to ensure that the Enturi Retractable Sectional Door had a clean and tidy aesthetic both open and closed.
  • No unsightly ceiling rails or door mechanism on the interior of the door as it folds within a outdoor living space.
  • Concealed overhead unit when open, the folding door folds within a ceiling cavity.
  • Design freedom within the space as the retractable door design does not interfere with overhead lighting / ceiling fans etc.
  • An added bonus of the retractable door folding upwards into a unit, in the ceiling, is that the interior design does not need to allow space on either side of the doorway for folded / open doors. Artwork, lighting or foliage can be placed on either side of the door opening.
  • Allow maximum natural light into the outdoor eating area through the glass panels.
  • Restrict solar glare and heat when the retractable glass door is closed while still being able to enjoy the outdoor views over the garden.
  • Quiet operational door unlike noisy roller shutters and conventional garage door designs.
  • Easy to operate opening mechanism – the glass door can be in a closed position for the customer to stop wind / pests / solar glare.
  • Ensures that the outdoor living space can more easily be heated / cooled for comfort on cold winter nights / hot summer days while maintaining the ‘outdoor’ feel and being connected to the garden space.
Key requirements
  • Retractable Glass Door
  • Concealed Motor Unit
  • No Overhead Rails
  • Clean, Aesthetic Design
  • Low maintenance
  • Restrict Solar Glare and Heat
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

This bespoke Enturi Retractable Sectional Door is ideally suited to luxury homes, private residences or apartments, due to its compact and low maintenance design. The door design folds up in a concertina action, up into the cavity above the door without taking up much space, or interfering with overhead lighting arrangements. Unlike standard overhead door systems which require a significant clearance space overhead for the door in the open position. The overhead unit can be concealed when open with no ugly ceiling rails or mechanism on show. The overhead door design allows for design freedom for Interior Designers and Architects.

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