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PVC Strip Doors
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Remax PVC Strip doors, Strip Curtains offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances in a wide range of applications. Ambient PVC Stripdoors can be used in the retail sector as well as Cafe’s and Restaurants and commercial kitchens. Our coolroom, refrigerated and freezer strip doors offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances in a wide range of applications.

Remax PVC Strip Doors offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances in a wide range of applications.

From the smallest coolroom opening to the largest warehouse facility, we have solutions for temperature and energy control. Manufacturing plants, freezer warehouses, food service areas and health care facilities are a few of the organisations who are saving energy and creating safe work zones through the use of Remax Stripdoors and Screens. Make the most of our experience and wide product range to provide your company with control of temperature, ice, insects, birds and noise.

Hygiene standards in food related industries require the control of bird, insect and dust entry at traffic doorways. A Remax Stripdoor is the cost-effective answer – highly effective as a barrier against airborne nuisances yet maintaining free access at all times. Versatility in the range of headrail designs and the many strip types means each strip door can be manufactured exactly to suit the application.

Low Temperature Strip Doors (also known as polar or freezer grade) for cold environments. The strips stay flexible and resist breaking and cracking in low temperature applications. Freezer grade PVC Doorstrips are also common in outdoor applications where temperatures drop below freezing.

Individual strips are also easy to replace when required and the comb-rail mounting option provides the most flexible approach to relocating door strips when required.

Read our Guide on How to Measure for a Stripdoor and whether you are after Face Mount or Head Mount. Click Here.

Replacement PVC Strips For Stripdoors

Are your stripdoors looking tired? Discolored or torn strips? Why not give them a Do-it-yourself makeover!

Remax replacement PVC strips can be matched exactly to your existing strips, and can be supplied as full roll or pre-cut and punched; ready for installation. Alternatively, call us out for a full measure and replacement service.

Doorstrips and PVC Stripdoors help you create a cleaner and more efficient work environment, they:

  • Prevent movement of dust and other contaminants from one area to another
  • Save energy by minimizing loss of heated or cooled air at unprotected openings.
  • Reduce noise by creating a sound barrier between areas.

Bulk PVC rolls

We offer bulk rolls of PVC for a variety of applications including cooler and freezer applications, warehouse and loading doors, welding applications, conveyor openings, anti static and clean rooms, reach-through windows and many more. Purchasing PVC in rolls allow you to either cut your own replacement strips or use your own mounting systems to build your strip doors.

Which Stripdoor is best for you?

Type Application Thickness
Extra Light Duty Shop fronts and residential use 1.5mm by 75mm clear/coloured
Light Duty Pedestrian and light traffic areas 2mm clear
Medium Duty Commercial and Industrial including Forklift / pallet trolley 3mm and 4mm clear
Medium/Heavy Duty Heavy Industrial / Delivery vehicles / forklifts 5mm clear

The Remax Team can assess which PVC is right for your opening.

How to Order:

When talking to a Remax Consultant, the more  information which we have, the more accurately we can supply an appropriate product which will last.

There are two mounting options: the Head Mount option the door is made to the exact measurements you give us, and is generally used where the Strip Curtain is mounted inside to the top of the door frame. The Face Mount option, we will make the door 100mm Wider and 50mm Taller to allow the Strip Curtain to overlap the opening, and is mounted on the outside face on the wall or architrave. Face mount kits should be ordered larger than your opening. Head mount kits should be ordered as close to the size shown to fit in the opening. Strips can be trimmed if too long. We will be happy to help assess and calculate dimensions for whichever PVC Stripdoor is most suited to you.


  • Prevent temperature loss or gain
  • Conserve energy and save on energy costs
  • Improve work area comfort
  • Stop cross contamination within process areas
  • Control noise and improve workflow efficiencies
  • Lift Safety of doorways and production areas
  • Excellent protection against environmental nuisances
  • Versatility in the range of headrail designs
  • Ambient and Freezer Grade PVC strip types

Remax Stripdoors are custom made to your specifications. Please contact us on 1800 010 221 to discuss your needs and/or arrange a site assessment.