Pedestrian Rapid Roller Door


Pedestrian Rapid Roller Door
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For busy doorways in constant use by forklifts and pedestrians.

The Movidor EX35 and EX45 Rapid Roller Door is a very fast, quiet and clean solution for high traffic internal doorways. Movidor pedestrian rapid doors provide speedy, automated and hygienic access solutions, with minimal maintenance.

Often, regular doors becomes cumbersome with constant use, this is where a EX35 and EX45 Rapid Roller door comes in – they have been designed for smaller doorways which have regular use throughout the day and can handle the busy doorways of the food industry.

A quiet and clean doorway solution with multiple activation’s; our unique and versatile rapid door design incorporates speed, hygiene and safety.

What is different about the EX35 and EX45 Movidor Rapid Door?

The extremely versatile and robust design allows Remax EX35 and EX45 Rapid Roller Doors to be configured for busy pedestrian doorways which require a small footprint but excellent safety and fast operation. Exceptionally low maintenance and simple design means these high speed doors can provide continuous operation, with minimal on-going maintenance.

The safety and hygiene benefits of this high speed door allow for it to be commonly favoured for use in the food industry, amongst others, where pedestrians needs to pass through the entrance on a regular basis throughout the day. Allowing people, forklifts and trolleys and goods through the roller door quickly, where the door is open for a very quick period of time and then closes again once they have passed through – no more doors left open!

Why should you consider a Rapid Door?

  • Dust Control: Minimising dust entering the site with automated doors – no more doors are left open while staff enter/exit site.
  • Pest Control: Are you having issues with birds in your warehouse? Do they sneak in when the doors are left open? An Automated roller door allows very little time for a bird to enter your site.
  • Temperature control: Air lock doors, loading dock doors are just some of the uses of the Movidor range.
  • Self Repair: The soft bottom edge and self repair system means that the Movidor range can handle bumps where the curtain realigns itself into the door guides. Lower maintenance and less call out costs!


  • Doorways up to 3500mmH x 3500mmW (EX45 can go up to 4500mmH)
  • Super-fast; up to 2.0m/sec
  • Architectural appeal / modern and clean design
  • Self-Repairing Movidor High Speed Door
  • Full height light curtains Safety
  • Safe, clean roller doors
  • Full height light curtains for pedestrian safety
  • Self-Tensioning door curtain

Fast, safe and clean, EX35 and EX45 Rapid Roller Doors are extremely versatile, they can be seamlessly adapted into busy pedestrian doors where hygiene and safety are key requirements.