Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door


Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door
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Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door

Introducing the Movichill Rapid Roller Doors, Australian commercial doors engineered for top-notch performance in a variety of settings including coolrooms, freezers, loading dock areas, food processing facilities, and cold storage environments. This innovative, reliable high speed door is tailor-made for the rigorous demands of Australian commercial operations.

The Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door utilizes a unique multi-layer PE foam and PVC skin curtain which has been designed to reduce energy loss through your doorways, without compromising the key benefits of the Movidor range. The Movichill rapid roll doors are ideally suited to ultra-high-use coolroom and freezer doorway up to 3.5mH x 3.5mW.

Ultra High-Usage Cool Room Doors and Freezer Doors

The Movichill is an insulated roller door that is ideally suited to ultra high-use commercial coolroom and freezer doorways. Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door boasts a thermal resistance (R-Value) of 0.6m2K/W, where multiple openings per hour reduce effectiveness of insulated doors, yet necessitate exceptional air-tightness, and durable, ‘self-repairing’ operation.

The Movichill door presents a unique solution for high-usage freezer doors, addressing the specific challenge of maintaining controlled humidity and temperature on the “warm side” of the freezer doorway. The Movichill utilizes German engineered Movidor controllers, with heated frames, minimising ice formation and ensuring that the curtain operates freely in any environment.
Movichill Insulated Rapid Roll Doors set new standards in thermal efficiency through your temperature controlled doorways.

Movichill High Speed Doors

Movichill High Speed Doors are engineered to meet the demands of fast-paced industrial settings, including high speed roll up freezer doors and rapid doors. Designed to operate continuously at high speeds, the Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door will provide trouble free operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

The durable construction and advanced technology of the Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Door ensure safety and long-lasting performance in demanding industrial environments. Its high-speed operation helps to improve traffic flow and energy efficiency, making it an ideal solution for facilities that require frequent access and temperature control. With its sleek design and reliable functionality, this door offers a seamless integration into any workspace while delivering superior performance day in and day out.

Installation and Service

Movichill Insulated Rapid Roll Doors are backed by our extensive network of service support centres. By choosing Movichill, you can be sure of excellent installation and service anywhere in Australia.

With a focus on quality and reliability, Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Doors are poised to become Australia’s most trusted brand in doorway and access solutions. Experience the difference firsthand and request a quote today!


  • Doorways up to 4000mmH x 3000mmW
  • Full surround brush seals for optimum seal against air-loss/gain
  • Insulated and heated door frame with a choice of curtain thickness
  • Curtain over-run for any ice formation
  • Optional interlock function for airlock applications
  • Opening speed up to 1.5m/sec

With a Production team inspired by the vision to be Australia’s most trusted brand of doorway and access solutions, Movichill Insulated Rapid Roller Doors embody a passion and care for quality and reliability.