Economical Rapid Roller Door


Economical Rapid Roller Door
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Economical, efficient doorway zoning.

Do you have a requirement for durable, reliable and safe high speed doors? Is value for money is a key requirement? Look no further than the Movidor Economical Rapid Roller Door.

Designed to operate continuously, with minimal maintenance, the E-series door delivers savings from the moment of installation!

The Movidor Economical Rapid Roller Door is suited to constant, high-repetition cycles suitable for openings up to 4000mm High by 4000mm Wide.

Ultra smooth German engineered motor and controllers provide fast and reliable operation, with pin-point positioning accuracy, thanks to absolute encoder and digital limits.

The Movidor ES40 Rapid Roller Door boasts a tight seal when closed ensures energy savings, superior contamination control and an effective barrier against conditioned air loss or gain. With a segmented curtain design; the curtain is made of horizontal sections of PVC coated polyester fabric, connected by anodised aluminium battens.

Remax customers ask for the Movidor ES40 Rapid Roller Door due to its easy, low cost repair if damaged and smooth, quiet roll-up action. The added benefit of the Movidor series being the integrated self-repair relocation system; the door curtain is able to realign itself back into the tracks if it is accidently impacted by a forklift or vehicle. No more hard bottom edges either, the Movidor range has a soft bottom edge which handles minor knocks with ease.

Australian design and manufactured to high standards under Australian conditions for Australian conditions.


  • Doorways up to 4000mmH x 4000mmW
  • Economical, value for money design
  • Suited to constant, high repetition cycles
  • Segmented Curtain design with large 800mmH vision panel
  • Integrated self-repair relocation system
  • Opening speed 0.9m/sec

Modern manufacturing processes and equipment ensure Movidor ES40 Rapid Roller Doors are produced quickly and efficiently to the highest possible standards. However, it is the attention to detail that is manifest on the finished product.