Car Wash Automatic Bay Rapid Doors

Client: Car and Dog Wash Burwood

Location: VIC

Industry: Car Wash

Products Used in this Project

Burwood Dog and Car Wash is a Laserwash touch free carwash located in Burwood with 360 plus automatic machines in two bays, introduced hot soapy water in the self-serve bays, spot free purified water and splatter wax polish for the perfect finish as well as the latest’s twin DIY dog wash facility at the front of the car wash.

The carwash facility had a number of unforeseen issues which affected neighbouring residents and businesses that are situated near the facility; some of the issues included overspray, noise, dripping water, wind-tunneling which would blow the water away from the car being washed, and interfered with neighbouring buildings.

The Remax team were consulted to create a solution where the car wash facility could be contained, yet easily accessed by car wash customers. The solution needed to be water tight and be able to cope with windy weather and general harsh outdoor elements with little maintenance and downtime to provide a frictionless solution for the Car Wash owner. It was imperative that the solution offered not only enclosed the spray from the wash facility when a vehicle is being washed but also help to minimise the the noise of the car wash especially useful during very windy days to ensure that the area behind the car wash is not affected by noise or soap-suds.

The Remax team attended site for a free no-obligation consultation, had a look at the facility and the current issues and suggested a solution to contain the car wash with a Movidor Rapid Door. The Rapid Door solution provided some new innovations in the form of ‘self-draining’ curtain design, and a very smart and effective solution for Carwash doorway control. The Movidor Rapid Door is an innovative, low maintenance solution which has been tested and run in a variety of industries around Australia for over 20 years with a comprehensive and hands-on project delivery and servicing team behind it.

Key requirements
  • Noise reduction
  • Barrier against wind / spray
  • Functional durability of access doors
  • Minimal maintenance and repair if impacted
  • Washable curtain
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

The Movidor Rapid Door was installed at the exit to the LaserWash, Touch Free, car wash unit, minimising overspray with automated opening and closing, and reducing downtime and maintenance to the car wash facility, with seamless installation and servicing options.

Remax High Speed Doors automatically close when a vehicle enters the car wash and opens swiftly after the vehicle has passed through – which also helps to prevent unwanted pests / birds / dust and wind from entering the car wash while in use. As an exterior door, the Remax HS35 Movidor range provides flexibility for unplanned knocks by vehicles which in turn reduces call out fees to realign the curtain into the guides – see our video here on Remax Self-Repair functionality.

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