Nott Street Apartments

Client: Garfield Nominees

Location: VIC

Industry: Apartments

Products Used in this Project

Remax Doors assisted with the Sectional Door element of an apartment building on Nott Street in Port Melbourne; incorporating the latest innovations in Sectional Door design.

Nott Street Apartments is a development site in the heart of Port Melbourne. The landmark building will deliver high-end accommodation in a prime area of Melbourne.

The residential complex is a prime land investment for Garfield Nominees, and was designed by Terry Harper Architects to provide state-of-the-art accommodation. Immediately noticeable is an impressive level of workmanship with attention to detail on each element.

The Compact Sectional Door design was a combined collaboration with the designers and the Remax team where the client wanted to incorporate a 3 dimensional design onto the glass panels in order to meet particular council specifications.

Council requirements stated that the developer could only install a sectional door which could be architecturally finished to meet the design brief and would not protrude through the opening when in action, encroaching on the footpath. Not only was the door limited to how much space it would need externally, when opening and closing, but with the car lift mechanism, internally, so close to the door, there simply was no space for overhead beams for which standard sectional doors require.

The door was installed as the access door to the dedicated car lift for the building. With the design of the glass within the door, the door is very much a part of the building design, rather than standard convenience.

The door frame itself is powder coated in RAL 9005 (black), and the glass is a 4mm thick safety glass, with 3 dimensional effect, to not only provide security to the carpark lift access but to allow the building design to merge together seamlessly and effectively tick off council requirements.

The glass Compact Sectional Door measures 3080mmH x 5000mmW with fully automatic activation for the carlift.

Since the Compact Sectional door is not your standard counter balance sectional door – the ceiling space is not impacted with unsightly (internal) overhead beams which would otherwise detract from the building design.

Key requirements
  • Efficient, space saving and favorable option to the standard overhead sectional door
  • Reduce Operational Noise*.
  • Small footprint and compact design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Design freedom.
  • Allow natural light into the facility from floor to ceiling while providing security with the frosted glass.
  • Accessibility for a range of vehicles and equipment.
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

*We recently carried out a noise assessment onsite and found that a standard roller shutter came in at 77dB whilst the Compact Sectional Door whispered in at 52dB. This makes for a much quieter entrance option to an apartment block or where offices may be positioned nearby / above the opening.

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