Ninos and Joes Smallgoods Facility

Client: Ninos and Joes Smallgoods

Location: Vic

Industry: Cold Storage

Nino’s and Joe’s is a family business which was established in 1984 at 341 Victoria Street, Brunswick. Nino was already well known for his previous butcher shop in Victoria Street, West Melbourne, where he started butchering in 1968 at the age of 15. Fausto, who served his apprenticeship under Nino, joined as a partner in the late 80’s. Together with Nino’s sons, the business has evolved and grown with their current premises, 317 Victoria Street, Brunswick.

Remax Doors worked with the partners at Nino’s and Joes at their new Smallgoods Facility where care has been taken to ensure that they can service their customers needs quickly and to a very high standard servicing restaurants, catering and hotels as well as direct to public.

To assist with access in and out of the dry store to packaging area, Remax Doors installed a Movidor EX35 High Speed Rapid Door measuring 2700H x 2870W. In a food processing area such this, hygiene and temperature control are vital to ensure that produce is kept at optimum temperature / quality as well as compliance with the health and safety of facilities in the food sector.

By choosing a rapid door to access temperature controlled areas, the door opens and closes automatically when forklifts / personnel approach or leave the area ensuring that minimal temperature controlled air is lost through open doorways. Manually operated doors can often be left open much longer than they need to be.

The energy lost through open doors into monetary terms can often be far more excessive vs the cost of investing in a high speed rapid door.

For more information, please contact the Remax Team on 1800 010 221.

Key requirements
  • Improve access
  • Reduce temperature loss
  • Meet Food Sector Health and Safety Requirements


Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

The Remax range of Movidor High Speed Roller Doors differ from other rapid doors on the market, due to their crash-out and self-relocating soft edge curtain – reducing the need for service call-outs which some other Rapid Doors require due to curtains being knocked out of their guides. The soft edge of the curtain, again, reduces expensive damage which other hard-edged/steel edged rapid doors require regularly.

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