Millers Junction Precinct

Client: Wilmac Properties

Location: VIC

Industry: Business Park

Products Used in this Project

Established in 2007, Wilmac is a privately owned property development company based in Melbourne, Australia. Wilmac prides themselves on their ability to source, facilitate and deliver real estate projects across a variety of different asset classes, including the residential, commercial, retail and industrial sectors. On a large-scale warehouse development project at Millers Junction, Remax were asked to supply and install 17 Compact Sectional Doors.

Millers Junction is a master planned enterprise park, featuring a large-scale build of cutting edge design,  premium office warehouses. The Property Development features 65 state-of-the-art office warehouses, ranging from 61sqm to 213sqm in size. With Commercial 2 Zoning and ample car-parking, the development is  positioned alongside facilities of leading national retail brands, and holds easy access to major arterials, Melbourne CBD, and public transport.

Remax Doors were called on to deliver a solution for 17 shopfront access doors, for each of the ‘factoryettes’ within the Millers Junction property development. Wilmac Properties and the builder, C3 projects, had some key objectives to meet within the door specifications, in order to maxmise each warehouse to its fullest potential.

Space optimization was a huge priority in every aspect of this build, but especially in the access door solutions. With a very limited warehouse floor-space, and an even smaller frontal perimeter, it was imperative the shopfront doors provided the expanse of access required, but did not impose on the factoryette itself. With its clean and small footprint, the Compact Sectional Door was was (quite literally) the perfect fit. The Compact Door doesn’t require any of the overhead support rails on the roof that is the norm for standard conventional sectional doors, instead utilising a unique concertina folding action to to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway. For Wilmac, this meant the saved space could be utilized for interior design, lighting arrangements and more, without impacting the door both in open and closed state.

Due to its ability to be largely customised, the Compact Sectional Door achieved another important goal in the Millers Junction project; aesthetics. As you can see from the images, Wilmac Properties opted for black powder-coated framework, with dark tinted glass windows, blending in seamlessly with the tinted glass facade of the building itself. At a glance you would hardly know this impressive modern facade includes seventeen fold-up industrial doors, to allow large vehicle access. With their concertina design, the doors look great from the inside too, – no unsightly overhead rails, or obtrusive support framework. Select Remax Compact doors when you need to stand out from the mediocre with a tough, high-cycle industrial door – that doesn’t look like one!

With a building of this scale, an obvious priority is energy efficiency maximisation, by any means possible. With a large portion of the building facade being glass, and the glass specification on these doors, you’d expect this ‘glasshouse’ to be hot, right? Not this one; glazed in Viridian Soltech, these transparent folding doors allow natural light through without emitting radiant heat, whilst maximizing light and energy efficiency. With easy, fast and functional operation, the door can be quickly and efficiently opened and closed throughout the day, also contributing to retaining a consistent temperature.

Security was another tick-box for these doors. Wilmac needed to give their customers the peace of mind that the building had a secure, lockable perimeter, when settling on one of these factoryettes. Seen as a security door, the Compact Sectional Door is designed to activate an anti-theft device upon forced manual entry. As soon as forced entry is detected, the cables go slack, which triggers a set of arms on the side of the bottom brackets. These arms then hook into a series of slotted holes all the way up the side of the tracks, preventing the door from being manually forced open.

The Compact Sectional Door is also silent. When you have a shopfront ambience just right with natural lighting and airconditioning, who needs the rattle and screech of a conventional roller shutter door? Compact doors operate at than 52dB, which is less than half the operating noise of a typical roller shutter door.

Key requirements
  • Space optimization
  • Aesthetics
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maximising Natural Light
  • Maintaining Internal Temperatures
  • Secure
  • Low noise during opening / closing
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation


With seventeen of these doors providing shopfront access for the Millers Junction project, the finished project is a testament to the functionality, versatility and security of the Compact Sectional Door.

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