Melbourne Markets

Client: Melbourne Market Authority

Location: VIC

Industry: Food & Beverage

Products Used in this Project

The central wholesale trading and distribution centre for Victoria’s fresh produce industry, The Melbourne Market Authority is responsible for  Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market and the National Flower Centre, as well as an extensive range of associated warehousing and distribution facilities. With over 1,800 individual fruit and vegetable buyers, and up to 120,000 square metres of warehousing space, MMA is one of six central fresh produce markets in Australia, and is a base for more than 5,000 businesses. Naturally, in a facility and atmosphere as fast-paced and high-pressure as this, efficiency is paramount.

Throughout the Market, Rapid Roller Doors are used on the forklift highways, to permit fast and seamless access from tenants’ warehouses to the loading docks. Fast, reliable and durable doorway solutions are absolutely critical to maintaining systematic efficiency in the facility flow, and preventing interruptions.

When Melbourne Markets first designed their new facility in Epping, the Movidor Rapid Roller Doors weren’t used in the initial build. However, according to the video testimonial above, MMA consistently struggled with forklift and wind damage to the doors, leading to inefficiency, workflow interruptions, and massive repair costs. When the Market discovered our Movidor Rapid Roller Door product range, they were keen to introduce the doors to their facility, especially after learning of the door’s unique crash-out feature.

In the case that a Movidor rapid roller doors is impacted by a forklift, instead of causing major structural damage to the curtain or the columns, the flexible bottom edge of the door releases smoothly from the guides upon impact. This allows the forklift to continue its exit from the doorway, whilst the impact is detected by the Movidor, which in turn reverses, and relocates the curtain automatically during its open cycle. With no solid edges, moving parts, springs or cables in the columns, there is no impact damage to the door, and the door continues in operation as per usual.

With 13 Movidor Rapid Roller Doors and counting, the Melbourne Market in Epping continue to reap the benefits of a durable, reliable and cost-effective doorway solution.

Key requirements
  • Self-repairing high speed door
  • Efficiency and cost-minimization
  • Reliable
  • Australian sourced products
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

The Melbourne Market Authorities soon recognized the value in a self-repairing rapid roller door, and the efficiency and cost-minimization attributed to their operation. When a repair for a non-Remax door exceeds a capped amount, MMA now opt to replace the door with one of the Movidor design.

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