Lightning Source Printer and Distributor

Client: Lightning Source

Location: VIC
Lightning Source is a printer and distributor, as part of the Ingram Content Group. In a recent expansion of their worldwide operations, a new facility was developed in Dandenong, Victoria.
Remax were contracted by Pellicano Builders to manufacture and install four Movidor high speed doors, throughout the factory and warehouse area. Four identical exterior openings were created on the Lightning Source warehouse, to assist with temperature control and dust control within their facility.

Being an insulated print facility, Lightning Source required a door solution that allowed constant access for dispatch and warehouse traffic, whilst maintaining a constant barrier against pests, dust, and the heat of the outside. The facility is cooled for production purposes, so a high speed roller door was the perfect solution to allow the traffic flow of a high-production facility, without jeopardizing the cooling of the warehouse and increasing energy costs.

Installed on external openings, the high speed doors were installed internally, with custom steelwork brackets designed and fabricated to ‘piggy-backed’ each rapid roller door to externally mounted roller shutter doors, for security. The roller shutter opens during the day, with the high speed doors working to maintain temperature control and allow constant access throughout the working day, and then the roller shutter closes at night to maintain a secure perimeter of the building.

Each Movidor rapid roller door was installed with two Falcon motion sensors, facing the internal side, and the external side of the opening. Designed to detect movement, the motion sensor meant the high speed doors are remote-activated, in order to detect oncoming traffic, and reduce downtime in the doorways.

Key requirements
  • Temperature control
  • Dust control
  • Easy access for dispatch and warehouse traffic
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

Lightning Source opted for black curtains, with one level of windows for clear visibility to oncoming traffic. Contact us today if you require low-maintenance doors for temperature control and efficiency!

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