Graincorp Oilseeds

Client: Graincorp Oilseeds

Location: VIC

Industry: Milling, Grain, Stockfeed

Products Used in this Project
GrainCorp is a canola seed crusher and oil refinery plant in regional Australia. With more than 20 years of experience in the oilseed industry, GrainCorp Oilseeds is committed to producing canola oil and a range of oils and meals for both domestic and international markets.
In a recent update to their facility in regional Victoria, Remax Doors were engaged to custom design and develop a rapid folding door on the entrance to one of their grain sheds.

GrainCorp had a unique goal to achieve in the selection of their door application; to contain combustible dust. The fine nature of the canola oil grain dust makes it prone to combustion if ignited in large amounts, so dust containment in the facility is essential. Therefore, a Movidor Rapid folding door was installed on an exterior opening, to contain dust and noise inside the facility.

Being a 7000mmW x 5100mmH opening, a high speed door was required that could provide prompt, efficient access to the facility whilst still maintaining wind rigidity. Featuring a customised self-supporting Galvanized frame with a double-beam head section, this folding door was designed for sheer size, with a single skin curtain supported by steel beams, and hoisted by vertical belts running onto an overhead drum. A stainless steel motor cover ensures the motor and controller is protected from the elements, and will not corrode with rain or moisture exposure.

Simple in design and operation, longevity and low-maintenance are some of the hallmarks of this rapid folding door.

Due to the combustible nature of the dust, safety was a huge consideration for this company. This led to GrainCorp’s selection of a ream of safety accessories in the door specification, to maxmimise the protection of traffic through the opening. With integrated PE Beams in the door frame, the folding door is able to detect pedestrian traffic when the door is closing, and provided an added level of safety to traffic going through the opening. GrainCorp also opted for induction floor loop detectors for activation on the inside of the opening, as a safety sensor to prevent the door from closing.

This folding door was also fitted with a four-piece integrated traffic light system. The LED lightstrips run Blue while the door is closed, but turn Red when the door is opening and closing and when the door is at its open state, the lights turn green. These lights are recessed into the door guides, and are visible from both sides of the opening.

Key requirements
  • Longevity and low maintenance
  • Safety
  • Prevention of dust
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation
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