Lighting and Automated Monitoring Manufacturer

Client: Clevertronics

Location: VIC

Industry: Manufacturing

Clevertronics is the market leader in Australia for design and supply of Emergency Lighting, Automated Monitoring Systems & Sound Evacuation Solutions. With a dedicated team that has extensive knowledge of the requirements and needs of their applications, Clevertronics’ specialization is backed by the market’s most comprehensive product range and testing systems.

In a recent upgrade to their facility, Remax were asked to manufacture and install 3 Movidor Rapid Roller Doors.

Clevertronics wanted a doorway solution that was able to provide for high levels of forklift and pedestrian traffic, that reduced dust and temperature transmission throughout the factory, without compromising on efficiency. With operating speeds of up to 2.5 meters per second, and an overall lifetime guarantee of 1,000,000  cycles, the Movidor rapid roller door guarantees efficiency and durability, and was the obvious choice for Clevertronics.

With 3 identical 3000H x 3500W openings, Clevertronics opted for black PVC coated curtains, with one level of windows. In order to further boost efficiency and make for faster workflow operation, all doors were installed with a pair of integrated Falcon radar assemblies, for remote activation. Configured around movement, the radars detect oncoming traffic within the set parameters, and the door is opened prior to the vehicle entering the opening. The level of PVC windows allowed for clear visibility, ensuring the safety of oncoming traffic.

Key requirements
  • Access for high levels of forklift and pedestrian traffic
  • Reduce dust
  • Reduce temperature transmission throughout factory
  • Increase efficiency
  • Product durability
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

Automated Rapid Roller Doors between different areas of the manufacturing facility increase productivity by allowing forklift drivers to quickly get from one area to the next, without exiting their forklift, the doors opening and closing automatically. And to ensure that temperatures are not lost or gained – the doors stay closed when not in use. Forklifts can come and go through different zones quickly and efficiently.

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