Cleanaway Waste Services

Client: Cleanaway

Location: VIC

Industry: Waste Management

Products Used in this Project

A Cleanaway site situated in the Melbourne area contacted Remax Doors for a solution for their access doors to allow quick access throughout the day but also provide a barrier against unwanted elements (both in and out) from site.

Such as pests, wind, odours, dust and more. The site is a busy commercial drop off and disposal site, accepting waste from businesses and industrial facilities.

To align with the growing need for recycling and waste management in Australia, Cleanaway have their hands full; a quick look at the company shows that they currently employ more than 6000+ staff, have 5300 vehicles, and 250+ sites, with one of the largest national fleets and a network of prized assets.

With that in mind, Remax worked with Cleanaway to provide a solution where the site could provide access to large waste and recycling vehicles, quick fast access with minimal maintenance. The door shown above has mesh windows to allow for air flow but limiting the amount of odours, dust and pests. The folding Rapid Door range completes the requirements needed by the Waste Management Facility and complements the busy site.

Key requirements
  • Fast and effective access
  • Access for garbage and recycling trucks
  • Reduce dust and noise while offloading
  • Low maintenance
Scope of Works
  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Made to Measure Components
  • Delivery and Installation

The Remax range of Movidor Rapid Roller Doors differ from other rapid doors on the market, due to their crash-out and self-relocating soft edge curtain – reducing the need for service call-outs which some other Rapid Roller Doors require due to curtains being knocked out of their guides. The soft edge of the curtain, again, reduces expensive damage which other hard-edged/steel edged rapid doors require regularly. Have a look at the video here, where we see the Self Repair feature re-aligning into the guides, unaided, after impact from a forklift.

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