Poly Bollards, Bumprail and Guardrail


Poly Bollards, Bumprail and Guardrail
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Poly Bollards absorb energy! Instead of transferring the shock of impact to your expensive concrete and footings (not to mention damage to the vehicle), Remax Poly Bollards will deflect on impact, effectively absorbing energy and reducing the potential for structural damage.

TRU-GARD™ Guardrail has been implemented in industrial environments, road guardrail, processing factories, highways, hospitals, factories, schools and many other environments as an effective barrier system to external building areas and no-go areas.

Bumprail wall protection (rub rails) are attached to walls provide effective and cost efficient  protection, protecting your walls, corridors and fixed (or mobile) shelving against knocks, scratches and chipped paint, maintain appearance on-site.

Poly Bollards

Protect your doors and walls from trolley, forklift and vehicle traffic and prevent unnecessary repairs. Poly Bollards from Remax provide additional levels of safety both in and outside of the warehouse. Each posts is made from high density polyethylene and protects warehouse equipment, doorways, openings and inventory from mechanized traffic including forklifts, palettes, cars and trucks.

Multiple fixing points at the base of the bollard, means that in the event that a fixing point is ruptured, you may be able to simply remove the bollard, and rotate to a new fixing point! Designed for use in constant moisture, corrosive or ultra clean environments. The high density polyethylene material provides an impact resistant material that will not corrode and never requires paint or surface treatments.

  • Poly Bollard absorbs impact
  • Less of an impact on vehicles impacting the bollard
  • Multiple fixing points
  • Mounting plate diameter: 272mm
  • Pipe diameter: 167mm
  • Installation kit optional


Bumpshield Wall Protection systems provide effective and cost efficient  protection, protecting your walls, corridors and fixed (or mobile) shelving against knocks, scratches and chipped paint, maintain appearance on-site. Flexible wall protection mouldings, bumprails, prolong the serviceable life of your interior finish and fixtures and absorb the impact of moving trolleys, forklifts and pallets.

Made from a unique formula which can withstand low temperatures and not go brittle while also withstanding heat and UV rays, Bumpshield is ultra-durable, enabling it to return to its original shape and condition even after heavy impact. The surface has a grooved finish to help hide scratches and blemishes. It is ideal to protect walls, corridors, coolrooms, and refrigeration cases in any trolley traffic area.

  • Black bumprail (standard)
  • Smart minimalist styling
  • Available in 2 widths: 65mm and 125mm
  • Available in soft or hard surfaces

Bumpshield Flexi

Bumpshield Flexi 150 series is a bumprail system constructed from tough, plasticized vinyl. A modular, easy to install system, with concealed fixing plate, and clip-on fascia panel. Stylish corner and end mouldings give a clean and professional finish.

  • Available in 150mm wide.
  • Backing pieces supplied in 3.6m lengths
  • Bumpshield Flexi fascia supplied in 15m roll
  • Grey Bumprail
  • The flexible Bumprail system
  • Accommodate bends and radius
  • Colorfast through thickness of material

TRU-GARD™ Barrier System – Guardrails

TRU-GARD™ Barrier is a certified barrier system that offers exceptional protection against fork truck damage to your buildings and assets. Investment into protecting your site rather than repair is often more cost effective and can help to avoid small accidents becoming big issues.

Warehouses, factories, industrial, traffic and especially insulated panel walls are often vulnerable to fork truck damage with repairs costing thousands of dollars. Prevention of this damage by installing the TRU-GARD™ Barrier System metal guard rail has proven to be a cost-effective solution by many businesses, councils, cool stores and food-processing factories.

If you have areas of your building which are in close contact to vehicles and / or forklifts or other moving equipment; you should look at the TRU-GARD™ Barrier System to maintain building safety and reduce damage costs. The extensive range of components available makes the TRU-GARD™ barrier system an ideal option for many areas where protection is required. TRU-GARD™ Barrier is available in a galvanised or safety yellow finish, and all other hardware and components are also galvanized for superior corrosion resistance.

  • Available in galvanised or safety yellow finish
  • All other hardware also galvanized for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Single or double height option


  • Protect assets from damage before costly repairs are needed
  • Protect walls, buildings and door openings
  • Maintain clean appearance of your walls and buildings

Protect your fixtures and assets from those costly bumps and scrapes. The Remax range of bollards, Bumprail and Guardrail will provide lasting protection against a variety of traffic types.